Greet Dom Market Research

Understanding behavior


offering direction and inspiration for your marketing

  • Qualitative market research in Belgium and The Netherlands
  • Online or face-to-face
  • 30+ years of experience in nearly all markets
  • Specialized in in-depth psychodynamic research, which was founded by Censydiam in the 80's

    How I like to work:

  • Depth, empathy and real listening. Not only to respondents, but also to you as a client.
  • I execute your projects from A to Z, which guarantees my full personal attention
  • I stay fluid and flexible during the execution of the project, so that we can adapt to unexpected questions or themes that show up.
  • Qualitative research also often has a binding effect within the organization. It is a moment where those involved from outside the marketing team can experience what is going on with the customer. This often gives new, surprising impulses to cooperation and actions within the organization.
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For more information on my background and experience, please look at my LinkedInprofiel.

What customers say...:

There is great diversity within healthcare professionals.

Atrium, my former employer, wanted to get to know these Professionals better; what drives them and what their experiences are with nutritional supplements.

We deliberately chose Greet to do qualitative market research for us. She's a true professional who doesn't get stuck in cautious statements because the 'n' is too small. She bases this on solid psychological models. Her reports are carefully drawn up from the strategic questions and fully decorated with striking statements so that the experience of the respondents remains close. Greet is also a great sparring partner and a respectful, to-the-point interviewer.

- Delilah Hesseling, Strategic Account manager

We have worked together a lot with Greet when it came to understanding tough, difficult issues in communication and positioning respectively. Operationally, we often watched through a transparent mirror or on camera:

Greet distinguishes itself from others because it always (!) goes one step further , went deeper, different, and partly because of that did the (often twisted surprising) analyzes. For us, her field of work was fast moving, financial, services - and regardless of the history of the brand or organization, she always managed to surprise and/or find the right pain spot with her digging and expert summaries.

On top off she gives direction: where can or should the brand go, where is the low fruit, where is the deepening or connection and where are the opportunities in the long term. (…need more to say?)

- Jacques Koster