Exploring consciousness 

Light Body Awakening is a meditation form that helps to explore ‘consciousness’.

No scientist, philosopher or spiritual seeker has found yet an exact definition of consciousness.

Still it is everywhere. It is energy that we can sometimes feel and experience. Sometimes vaguely, sometimes more clear.

Consciousness……those moments……

  • when we have a taste of who we really are

  • when we feel deeply connected with other people or with our existence on earth

  • when we deeply feel inspiration, potential and abundance

  • when we experience that we are way more than a body, thoughts or emotions

It is often a feeling or an experience where we hardly find words for

Consciousness is not a mental activity.

This is where meditation comes in

With the guided Light Body meditations you get in touch with energy (a feeling, an atmosphere) that is beyond thoughts and emotions. They show you that you are more - or different from- than what you usually think you are. They help to discover your true intuition. They let you experience the real ‘you’, as opposite to the ‘you’ that is influenced by doubts, fears, emotions, thought forms or the outer world in general.

It is very practical

It is not a theory. It is real. It is your personal experience that changes the way you behave, choose, feel, think, talk, relate

Some examples of what people report after a training:

  • loosening up stuck emotions.

  • getting calm and centered at moments of stress, too much work, a full head

  • getting a deeper connection with something quit, peaceful and rich within myself.

  • feeling free from emotions or influences from outside

  • experiencing deep intuition

  • distinguishing better between useful and useless actions, reactions, thoughts and emotions

  • getting more clarity about the purpose of my work

  • gaining understanding about manifesting a project, relationship, time,…

For everyone?

Yes and no

Meditating is a skill that everyone can learn. It does not require earlier experience, nor a particular level of knowledge.

I invite everyone who feels curious and attracted

Still, is asks commitment and an openness to experience

Commitment is about practice and patience.

You learn a process, not a quick-fix technique (let’s be honest, if that would exist you would already use it).
Also, your mind, brain and consciousness need time and stimulation to get used to the meditating you. You as a person need time to integrate.
So that’s why you need to practice meditation on a regular base. You will get the tools to do that.

Openness to experience means that this is not a theoretical, psychological or philosophical course.
It is much easier.
You close your eyes and with support of the guided mediation, you experience your inner world. Not so much your thoughts (you already know them, nothing new), but more a feeling, a sense, an atmosphere,.. Sometimes even things you cannot express. There is the richness and the growth!

It is about exploring and discovering, with a curious beginner’s mind.

The sessions and classes

Are not theoretical, therapeutical, nor are they personal coaching.

I offer you the tools, learn how to use them, give feedback, share what I learned about the way it works: the process and the pitfalls.

I support you to take the space for having your own, unique experiences and learnings.

Light Body Awakening

This meditation form started in the 80’s in the US, and is founded by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman. At this moments it is taught in 18 countries. There is a large and fast growing Light Body group in Belgium and the Netherlands (Lightbody Institute in Brugge)