Tasting sessions

You have the opportunity to explore and experience what meditation can do for you.

Meditation is much more than a tool for focus or relaxation.

In these 1 hour online sessions, you can discover:

  • what meditation changes in your brain, and how this influences your life in a positive way

  • how to connect with your inner source of abundance, creativity and potential.

  • what it means to increase your consciousness; what this has to do with personal and professional development

  • how you relate in a different way to thoughts, emotions and challenges

  • how you create a peaceful mind

How it works?

In each session we explore a practical theme that has to do with professional or personal growth.

After a short introduction talk, we do one or two guided meditations.

In between there is time to talk, share experiences, ask questions or just be quit and enjoy the effect of the journey.

The meditations will be recorded, so that you can listen again later if you want.

No meditation experience is required, just the willingness to open to your experience, and to explore

Live online sessions

We connect through ZOOM video-conferencing. A link will be sent after subscribing

  • Increasing Abundance (of clients, money, friendships, time…)

    Friday May 17th | 10.00 - 11.00 hour
    Investment: 10 euro.
    This includes the live online session + recording

    It can feel very uncomfortable when doing business or working on your projects start from a feeling of worry, fear or ‘shortage’ (not having enough time, money, clients, rest,..). This can be a very annoying feeling that takes away your joy and energy. It can sabotage your progress and succes.

    In this session you will learn how to connect with your source of inner ‘abundance’, wealth or generosity. You will discover how to magnetize yourself for more succes, money, clients or time. You will learn a practical exercise to grow and sustain your feeling of abundance and trust.

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  • Managing sabotaging thoughts

Sunday May 26th | 20.00 - 21.00 hour
Investment: 10 euro.
This includes the live online session + recording

“It will never happen”, “my dream is impossible to realize”, “other people are better in what I do”, ……

Thoughts and thought forms are always there, it makes no sense to control them or to try to get rid of them. When we keep chewing on thoughts, they freeze in the minds. This can become very annoying and stressful.  And they sabotage our actions. 

In this session you will get new perspectives about the nature of thoughts and thinking. The guided meditations will learn you how to relate in a different way to your thoughts. You will learn how to dissolve sabotaging thought forms, doubts or fears. This will give more space and peace in your head, and take away the blockages for actions and succes.

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• Connecting with your audience on a deeper level

Wednesday May 29th | 20.00 - 21.00 hour

Investment: 10 euro.
This includes the live online session + recording

Doing business or expanding your work is not only a matter of skills and experience. This is only the top of the iceberg. Underneath, there is a more subtle layer of ‘resonance’ with your clients or target audience. The stronger your resonance, the better the connection, the more succes in your project or business.

We will explore this idea of ‘resonance’. You will learn about the 2 key elements for a stronger connection with your (future) audience, clients or whoever you are here to serve.

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• Raising your energy level

Monday June 3th | 20.00 - 21.00 hour

Investment: 10 euro.
This includes the live online session + recording

You cannot control the world around you. There will be always something or someone that disturbs your focus, good mood or fun, and bring down your energy. Shutting off from the world, or running away from disturbances is not a great option, this will make you even more unhappy.

Instead, learn how to deal with declining energy. If you can keep up your energy level, you will be able to feel patience, (self)compassion, and to keep your mind open for new or different perspectives. The guided meditations will learn how to do that.

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• Introduction Light Body training

Friday June 14th | 10.00 - 11.00 hour

Investment: 10 euro.
This includes the live online session + recordin

In this session you will get a taste of the training ‘Awaking your Lightbody’ that starts in October

The guided meditations will help you to explore how you can work with ‘energy’, and how to apply this in daily life. You will get more information about the content of this training and its effects on your energy management, wellbeing, health, relationships, work and life in general.

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  • Package deal: 5 sessions for the price of 4 : 40 euro

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