Resourcing for wellbeing and empowerment

  • Focus and concentration are key in the work environments of today

  • Strong resilience helps to manage a volatile and changing world

  • A good energy management helps people to function with effectiveness, ease and pleasure

  • Empowered people are in touch with their own potential, purpose and self-management

  • If moments of meditation and reflection become embedded in the organization, it will affect the atmosphere and culture in a positive way

I facilitate people in resourcing themselves, through teaching meditation and resilience skills. I support the embedding of meditation in the organization.

My focus is on simplicity, sustainability and a tailor made approach.

The corporate meditation program is adapted to the needs and culture of the organization, and is different from the Open Trainings.
The organization program is build on:

  • Insights and practice from Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence. A meditation course focused on organizations, developed by Google

  • Consciousness work. Focuses on getting in touch with people’s inner strength and potential

  • Positive Neuroplasticity (Rick Hanson). Offers exercises from neuropsychology, and helps to optimize the potential of the brain

For detailed information about the program (introduction workshop, 6-weeks program, follow-up), please send me an email