What you learn

‘Awakening your Light Body’ is an extensive and intense course, offered as an open training.

Learn about:

  • energy management: how to feel, explore and manage energy (your energy, as well as energy of everything around)

  • more stability in your personal energy, in your relationships and health, in your plans and actions

  • connecting with your inner self in a deeper way

  • refining your intuition

  • managing thoughts and emotions

  • accelerating your professional and personal growth

  • use meditation work in your daily life, relationships, businesses and projects

The content of the training:

Spread over 6 volumes:

  • harmonizing energy (from yourself as well as from the environment)

  • strenghten your basis (physical, emotional and mental)

  • increasing physical vitality and well being

  • increasing your energy level

  • being more dis-attached from thoughts and emotions; bringing flow and ease in thoughts and emotions

  • getting in touch with higher intuition

  • exploring what is beyond thought and emotions

  • getting in touch with more potential and creativity

  • opening your heart

  • self-healing, physically and emotionally

  • holding a neutral space for others

  • connecting with higher guidance

  • experiencing your ‘bigger you’

  • …………..

Not sure if this is something you will like?

Check out the taster sessions, there is nothing to loose!

There is also on online introduction session on Sunday June 30 at 8 PM

How the course works

The training contains 6 modules, each module is building on the former one. You cannot skip levels in between

The training consists of live teachings (on location as well as online) to learn the meditation techniques, and home study with a comprehensive set of guided meditations on mp3

It is organized as follows:

Live class in Antwerp

6 time a 1 day class (1 day for each module) on a weekend day (10.00 - 16.00 uur), spread over 6 months

  • dates: 12/10 - 9/11 - 7/12 2019 ; 11/1 - 8/2 - 7/3 2020

  • location: Antwerp, Edegem @ Bolwerk (Fort 5 of Edegem). A quit and cosy location, surrounded by a beautiful park

  • language: English (unless all participants spreak Dutch)


Live teachings - On-line (Zoom)

12 sessions of 1,5 hour live teaching on a Monday evening, spread over 6 months
6 follow-up group calls of 1 hour in between the teaching sessions - on a sunday night

  • dates of 12 teaching sessions: Mondays 20.00 - 21.30 hour

    • 14+28/10 - 11+25/11, 9+23/12 2019

    • 13+27/1 - 10+24/2 - 9+23/3 2020

  • follow-up group calls: Sundays 20.00 - 21.00 hour

    • 3/11 - 1/12 2019

    • 5/1 - 2/2 - 1/3 - 5/4 of 2020

  • online platform: Zoom video conferencing - easy to use, a free and stable platform

  • language: English (unless all participants spreak Dutch)

+ audio materials to practice at home

Each of the 6 modules comes with a set of guided meditations on mp3. Each volume has 12 guided meditations (so 72 for the whole training).
They help you to embody the meditation techniques, as well as to adapt the meditation to practical themes in you life.
Audio materials are necessary. You purchase them before or after the first teaching day or on-line session

They are available in Dutch and in English.

Optimize your learning experience……

…..and take this extra offer!

  • When you register for the live classes, you can repeat the online classes, for no extra fee.

  • When you register for the online classes, you are welcome to participate in the live classes, for no extra fee.

Not happy after the first live class or on-line session?

After the first live class or online session, you can get your money back for the teachings

  • minus 25 € for organization costs and administration fees.

  • audio-materials cannot be reimbursed.

Your investment


Basic price: 720 euro + 151 euro VAT = 871,2 euro
Early bird discount: 600 euro + 126 euro VAT = 726 euro - if registered before September 15th

This includes:

  • 6 days of live classes - on saturdays from 10.00-16.00 hour

  • at a nice location surrounded by beautiful nature

  • coffee, tea, cookies and water included. Lunch is not included, you can bring your own lunch (magnetron available at the lunch corner)

  • the possibility to attend the online sessions for no extra fee


  • 18 sessions of live on-line sessions; (12 teaching sessions + 6 follow-up sessions)

    The Zoom conferencing platform allows to have a nice classroom atmosphere, to connect and share

  • recordings of the sessions

  • the possibility to attend the live classes for no extra fee

Study materials: audio meditations on mp3 + syllabus

360,- € (VAT included) - in Dutch
494,- $ - in English

This includes:

  • 72 professionally recorded meditations on MP3 that cover the whole course

  • they are a mix of meditation techniques as well as practical applications for life/health/business/relationships

  • a syllabus for each volume

The audio materials can also be purchased in parts (per volume), in this case you pay 70,- € per volume (Dutch) or 89,-$ (English)

Yo can order the materials online before the start of the teachings, or after the first session. The audio materials are necessary for home study in between the teaching sessions

Your return on investment:

What people report after a training:

  • some stuck emotions feel lighter, even dissolved

  • feel calm and centered at moments of stress, too much work, a full head

  • have a deeper connection with something quit, peaceful and rich within myself.

  • feel more energy to do my daily activities

  • experience an intuition that goes even deeper than ‘gut feeling’

  • distinguish better between useful and useless thoughts

  • have more clarity and direction for my business

  • have better guidance for manifesting a project, relationship, more time,…

  • when I doubt about an action or a project, meditation helps to refresh myself and feel again connected with my goals and good mood

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me

Register for the training

by sending an e-mail with your name, address and (eventually) VAT number to Greet. You will receive the details and an invoice, to be payed before the start of the first class.

This training is an investment for life!

People change

energies change

growth never stops

your potential is much bigger than you can ever imagine