I practice meditation since 1998.

I like to practice because it gives me

inner peace

ease, clarity and trust in change and challenging situations

equanimity (managing the ups and downs of life)

respect for the process of life


I like to teach the open Light Body meditation training because

it is simple and fun

it is a strong basis for everyday life and for work

it is about ‘de-learning’ and connecting with the authentic self

it leaves space for everyone to have his/her own experience

it is my believe that everyone desires a deeper connection with who he/she really is. We are not born to struggle!

I like to teach meditation in organizations because

I am trained as a teacher in different meditation traditions (Light Body, mindfulness in organizations)

I have a background in corporate life (market research). I like the integration between this form of meditation and the daily, practical challenges in (business) life.

For more information about my background and training, you can look at my LinkedIn profil