I practice meditation since 1998.

I like to practice because it gives me inner peace, clarity and trust in challenging situations, stability within the ups and downs of life, and respect for the proces of life.

I like to teach the open Light Body meditation training because it is every time again a new and exciting exploration of growth and potential, for participants as well as for myself.

It is also my belief that everyone desires a deeper connection with whom he/she is, and that we all want to express and share the most beautiful parts of ourselves with the people and world around us.

I like to teach meditation in organizations because it is important to bring more ease, comfort and wellbeing in organizations.

It is also my belief that we need to strive for more balance between the rational parts and the more intangible parts of ourselves. This allows us to bring more consciousness in ourselves, our work and environment.

I am trained as a teacher in different meditation traditions (Light Body, MBE - mindfulness in organizations), and in brain science (Positive Neuroplasticity - Rick Hanson). I am also certified as facilitator of groups and individuals (Gestalt Counselor, The Work of Byron Katie)

I have a background in corporate life (market research), which makes me feel at home in corporate cultures.

For more information about my background and training, you can look at my LinkedIn profile